How Does it work?

5 Quick Steps To Tasty Alcohol Beverages At Home

 It's this easy: 

1)  Pour fruit juice or beer malt extract into your rinsed-out plastic soda-pop bottle. (2 liter bottles work GREAT)

2)  Add our special alcohol-producing yeast (enough supplied in the EZ Caps kit for up to 300 liters!)


3)  Screw on a reusable, patent pending EZ Cap (EZ Caps is a registered trade mark)  

4) Wait 2-7 days

5) Refrigerate. (stops the fermentation and clarifies the beverage

6)  Enjoy your beverage at 5-17% alcohol! (YOU decide alcohol level using our simple included instructions)  

An EZ Cap is like any normal cap you would screw onto a pop bottle except that it  contains a special release valve that maintains the perfect level of  atmospheric pressure on your homemade alcoholic beverage, prevents the  bottle from exploding, and also keeps contaminants out. It  is essential to producing good tasting wine at home.  Our special  included alcohol-producing yeast quickly turns virtually any sugared  liquid into a tasty alcoholic beverage.

EZ Caps wine and beer making kit only $9.99

EZ Caps wine and beer making kit only $9.99

EZ Beer with EZ Caps

EZ Beer with EZ Caps