What is an EZ Caps Kit?

Pour juice into empty pop bottles, add our special yeast and caps, and days later it's tasty booze.

EZ Caps allows anybody to make tasty alcohol beverages for pennies.  Choose your alcohol level up to 17%.


An  EZ Cap is like any normal cap you would screw onto a pop bottle except  that it  contains a special release valve that maintains the perfect  level of atmospheric pressure on your homemade adult beverage, prevents the  bottle from exploding, and also keeps contaminants out. It  is essential to producing good tasting wine, beer, mead, and other tasty alcohol beverages at home.  Our special included alcohol-producing yeast quickly turns virtually any sugared liquid into a tasty alcohol beverage.

EZ Caps makes delicious carbonated (sparkling) wines, beers, ciders, and other alcohol beverages from 0.5 - 17% alcohol.  You control the level of carbonation and amount of alcohol.  Forget the complicated buckets and pails.  ANYBODY can now brew their own wine, beer, mead, and other tasty beverages with our low cost kit!

Our EZ Caps make wine and beer making easy

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Starter kit only $9.99 for virtually unlimited booze

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